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Why Ecuador is the ideal vacation spot for couples

Ecuador is the best vacation spot for couples thanks to its Andean snow-capped peaks, cloudless and clear blue skies, warmer sea temperatures, and rich biodiversity. The country has multiple options, from scenic landscapes to adventurous experiences or intimate settings.

An adventurous couple can enjoy snorkeling with exotic marine life or hiking through the enchanting cloud forest. If the couple prefers to relax and unwind, the beautiful beaches of the Galapagos Islands are necessary. And, if they are foodies, the delicious menu of Casa Gangotena Restaurant is the best way to discover Ecuador’s culinary heritage. In this blog, we’ll discuss why Ecuador is a good vacation spot for couples.

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Mashpi Rainforest

What makes Ecuador the best vacation spot for couples?

Despite its size, Ecuador has multiple landscapes, attractions, and activities. Traveling within Ecuador is simple, allowing couples to make the most of their vacations while exploring the best the country offers.

When planning a romantic trip, couples look for experiences that allow them to relax, reconnect, and create lasting memories. An ideal vacation spot for couples must include destinations with a romantic atmosphere, beachside getaways, exotic places with unique traditions, and privacy.

Travel within Ecuador is a breeze!

On average, air connectivity within mainland Ecuador takes around 30 minutes. The longest flight is to the Galapagos Islands, lasting 2.5 hours, with a layover in Guayaquil. The Amazon Rainforest is located about 3.5 hours away from Quito by car. Getting to the cloud forest from Quito is a 3.5-hour drive, following a snake-like road that takes you along the Andes. The distance from Quito to the pristine beaches on the Pacific Ocean is approximately 6 hours by road.

How do I get to Ecuador?

Getting to Ecuador is relatively easy, with diverse options for international travelers. The most common way is by air. Quito Airport and Guayaquil Airport are the leading international gateways. These international airports receive flights from major cities worldwide.

Some airlines offer direct flights to Ecuador from North America, Europe, and South America destinations. And, if there are no direct flights from your clients’ location, airlines offer connecting flights to Quito or Guayaquil from Maimi, Houston, Atlanta, Madrid, or Panama City.

Where’s a good vacation spot for couples?

Because we know how important it is for couples to plan their romantic getaways, Metropolitan Touring’s Ecuador itineraries include the best the country offers. Our Destination Experts curate tailor-made itineraries based on the couple’s preferred travel style. As a travel adviser, you should consider what matters the most to your clients.

1. The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are an ideal vacation spot for couples looking for adventure and romance. Its remote location in the Pacific Ocean makes it a secluded paradise for lovers looking for privacy, time to relax, and unforgettable experiences.

Many couples opt for Metropolitan Touring’s La Pinta and Isabela II expedition yachts because they offer privacy, onboard amenities, and the opportunity to visit unique places that can only be reached by sea. Couples can explore volcanic landscapes, swim with sea lions, snorkel with colorful marine life, and many more. Yachts offer other romantic activities like stargazing sessions, drinking cocktails, and watching unforgettable sunsets.

The Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel is the perfect vacation spot for couples in the archipelago. It has a peaceful and romantic atmosphere and is on a secluded beach in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. Regarding romantic getaways, Finch Bay specializes in destination weddings, honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, and marriage proposals.

2. Mashpi Lodge

Mashpi Lodge is nestled in the heart of the cloud forest. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, Mashpi is the perfect fusion of romance and adventure, making it one of the most romantic places in Ecuador and an ideal vacation spot for couples.

The breathtaking landscapes of towering trees, lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, clear rivers, and adorned by colorful birds, butterflies, frogs, orchids, and so much more are the romantic backdrop for romance. With floor-to-ceiling windows and uninterrupted cloud forest views, Mashpi couples can enjoy spa treatments and reconnect on a romantic escape.

3. Quito

The Andes mountains, intense blue skies, and colonial architecture make Quito a romantic vacation spot for couples. Quito, Ecuador’s capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its well-preserved Historic Center, with cobblestone streets, plazas, and churches. The Hotel Boutique Casa Gangotena is the most romantic hotel in Quito. The mansion, dating back to the 16th century, is part of the city’s cultural heritage. Casa Gangotena’s high service standards, hospitality, architecture, and gastronomy make it part of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux collection.

Quito has a strategic location in northern Ecuador, making it a perfect starting point for day tours to the Middle of the Equator Line, the Middle of the World, the Otavalo indigenous market, the Cotopaxi Volcano, and many others.

4. Papallacta Hot Springs

Papallacta is a small town renowned for its geothermal hot springs. The therapeutic water is rich in minerals, making it a rejuvenating experience for couples. The romantic landscape of mountain views with lush vegetation is the perfect vacation spot for couples.

Papallacta is an escape for couples who want to relax in a romantic setting. The region is known for its amazing spas, restaurants, and hiking trails. The weather is humid, cold, and foggy, making it ideal for a romantic escape from the busy routine.

5. Cuenca

Cuenca is known for its four rivers, with picturesque spots for walks, picnics, and enjoying the tranquil ambiance of the water. The Andean landscape surrounding the city makes it a vacation spot for couples who can walk hand in hand along the Tomebamba River, an essential feature in Cuenca. This river has significant historical and cultural importance, going back to the indigenous Cañari people who inhabited the region. Nowadays, its perfect for walks, picnics, and outdoor activities..

One of the best things to do in Cuenca is to stroll through the charming streets with cobblestone streets. Couples can admire the colonial architecture and visit landmarks like the Catedral and Iglesia del Sagrario. Also, couples can visit museums and galleries with fascinating exhibits.

Cuenca is an ideal vacation spot for couples

Ecuador’s fusion of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences makes it an ideal vacation spot for couples. The country has varied landscapes, from an intimate retreat in Mashpi Lodge to Quito and Cuenca’s picturesque, historic, and charming streets.

Travel agents planning a honeymoon, an important anniversary, or a marriage proposal prefer Ecuador as an ideal vacation spot for couples seeking a romantic and adventurous journey.

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