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Colombia is South America’s international gateway, with numerous international airports and several ports on both its Caribbean and Pacific coasts. The country’s biggest draws are its natural landscapes, captivating cultures, and culinary offerings found throughout its wide gamut of urban and rural areas, all teeming with eclectic energy and beauty.

The tours, services, and accommodation options we offer your clients here are sure to be a spellbinding experience that brings them closer to the unique charm and magic this country is renowned for.

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Margarita García

Commercial Manager
Margarita is a seasoned tourism professional and avid traveler passionate about Colombia. Throughout her extensive experience in the luxury hotel and travel industry, she has collaborated with prestigious brands to craft unforgettable experiences for travelers. Margarita's love for travel was ignited in her youth, driving her to explore diverse cultures and breathtaking locations worldwide. Her expertise lies in showcasing Colombia's natural beauty and cultural heritage to the world and in passionately transmitting the essence of her homeland to her clients, leaving them with lasting memories and a profound connection to this vibrant country.

Victoria Padron

Destination Expert
Victoria Padron has fresh energy and a deep passion for travel. Her love for exploration is surpassed only by her enthusiasm for sharing her beautiful homeland with international visitors. Victoria believes that travel is a transformative experience. She’s passionate about helping travelers leave Colombia with cherished memories.

Juliana Urdaneta

Destination Expert
Juliana's journey into tourism was not a deliberate career choice but a delightful twist of fate. She has explored her native Colombia extensively and ventured to other corners of the world. Juliana is consistently amazed and inspired by her country's natural beauty and cultural richness. With this genuine passion for her homeland, she aspires to captivate and motivate her clients to embark on journeys across this stunning nation.

Angélica Sabino

Destination Expert
Angelica is a passionate world explorer who takes pride in being Colombian, hailing from a country filled with magical and incredible places waiting to be discovered. Her greatest joy lies in showcasing the beauty of her homeland to others. She is always eager to travel and uncover new destinations, so she relishes sampling different cuisines and experiencing diverse climates. An intrepid traveler, she's willing to venture out solo or with companions but consistently ready to explore. Her love for Colombia and adventurous spirit drive her to discover the world and share her passion for travel with those around her.

Selena de la Hoz

Destination Expert
Selena is a tourism professional in Colombia with many years of experience. With a long-standing passion for travel and planning, she has turned her love for exploration into a professional career. Her passion lies in nature travel, exploring, and hiking through the stunning landscapes of Colombia. Selena specializes in providing travelers with simple and unique experiences. For her, the most important thing is that travelers learn from the locals about this country's history, customs, and gastronomy. In this way, travelers return home with the best souvenir: the knowledge and the experience of an enriching journey.

Angélica Gutiérrez

Destination Expert
Angélica has vast experience in the tourism sector. Because she loves her country, she decided to showcase her culture and beautiful country full of contrasts, not only in its landscapes but also in its culture. She enjoys talking to people from other cultures, so she loves working in an industry that allows her to fulfill other people's dreams. She was born and raised in Bogotá and firmly believes that education and discipline are the best tools to combat social inequality. Part of her education was through scholarships that have allowed her to grow and participate in social projects to help the less fortunate.


How can my clients get to Colombia?

Colombia is a well-connected country, with five international airports in Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali, Cartagena, and Medellin. Some airlines have direct flights to specific cities from the USA, Central America, South America, and Europe.   

Colombia has a rich history, and traditions are reflected in many holidays throughout the year. There are 18 public holidays per year. Some are New Year’s Day, Epiphany (Día de Reyes), Labour Day, Independence Day, Battle of Boyacá, Columbus Day, Carnaval, and many more.   

US dollars and Euros need to be exchanged for Colombian Pesos. However, the exchange rate fluctuates. Credit and Debit cards are accepted in larger establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and shops in urban areas. Cash is the primary form of payment in rural areas or smaller shops.   

Colombia has various transportation options to explore its cities. The country has a well-connected network of domestic flights between major cities. Also, buses are a standard mode of transportation for short and long distances.   

Metropolitan Touring is a Destination Management Company (DMC) with operations in Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Colombia, and Peru. In Colombia, your clients can enjoy top destinations like Cartagena, Medellin, the Coffee Triangle, Tayrona National Park, Bogota, Barranquilla, and Magdalena River.   

Yes. ATMs are widely available throughout Colombia in cities, towns, and tourist areas. Most major banks in Colombia have ATM networks, making it relatively easy for travelers to access cash using their international debit or credit cards.   

Colombia is a fantastic destination for families with kids, children of different ages, and multigenerational travel. The country has various options suitable for families, like outdoor activities and discovering its rich biodiversity. Also, Colombians are generally warm and friendly towards children.   

Absolutely. Your client can have a great experience traveling to Colombia without speaking Spanish. Knowing some basic Spanish phrases can be helpful for communication, especially in more remote areas. However, the country’s tourist destinations often have English-speaking staff.   

Tipping in Colombia is appreciated but optional. The tipping culture varies across different industries and regions.

Colombia is a diverse country with countless attractions for adventurers. Your clients can enjoy Cartagena’s vibrant culture, Medellin’s innovation, Bogota’s history, the stunning coffee triangle, and many other spectacular places

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