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We are a leading Destination Management Company (DMC) for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, with operations in Colombia, and Peru. Increase your destination portfolio with some of the world’s premier destinations.


Who we are

Metropolitan Touring has established itself as Ecuador’s foremost Destination Management Company (DMC), with 70 years of experience organizing tours across Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Our extensive regional presence as a leading Destination Management Company (DMC) includes offices and ground operations in EcuadorPeru, and Colombia. Our logistics departments are always prepared to handle unforeseen circumstances, ensuring your clients receive impeccable service and continuous support throughout their journey.

Our dedication to sustainable tourism is one of our core values. As a Destination Management Company (DMC), we take great care in creating itineraries that showcase authentic local life, top destination highlights, and spectacular lodging options our region offers. Our team of experts is committed to crafting personalized and immersive travel experiences that leave a lasting impression on your clients.

At Metropolitan Touring, we trust that travel has the power to transform lives. We strive to make every journey a life-changing experience. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability has earned us numerous accolades and recognition in the industry, cementing our position as the go-to DMC for anyone seeking to discover the magic of South America.

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With an outstanding reputation comes an array of prestigious accolades, acknowledgements and memberships. Here’s a look at some of the groups we’re associated with:
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Top-rated hotels in Ecuador, exclusive offer for your exclusive clients. Former Members of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World and Relais & Châteaux.


Marco Larrea

Commercial Manager B2B
I am a proud native of Ecuador with an insatiable passion for exploring the natural beauty and rich cultural diversity of my country and other destinations across South America and the world. My love for travel was sparked at a young age, thanks partly to the sport I practiced and the opportunity to live abroad for a year. Through these experiences, I have discovered countless new cultures and breathtaking locations, which have left a lasting impression on me. In particular, South America is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring natural wonders and diverse cultural traditions waiting to be explored and savored.

Andrea Morales

Agency Account Coordinator
I was born in Quito and am deeply proud of my Ecuadorian roots. Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to hospitality and commerce, specializing in providing exceptional service to others. My passion lies in communicating my profound love for Ecuador's vibrant culture, rich traditions, and breathtaking natural wonders. I find immense joy in sharing this remarkable country's beauty and wonder with people worldwide.

Franklin Salcedo

Destination Expert
Growing up in several countries and traveling to numerous beautiful tourist destinations ignited my passion for the beauty of nature. As a graduate in Graphic Design, my eye for art, colors, and creativity is finely tuned. With a strong focus on details, I prepare meticulously for every trip to this stunning country, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for our travelers. Always eager to take on new challenges and continuously improving my skills, my mindset is focused on providing the best possible tourism services.

María José Ávalos

Destination Expert
I found my passion in Tourism and Hospitality at a young age. All of my trips inside and outside of Ecuador inspired me to pursue a professional degree in Tourism, where I learned the technical and theoretical aspects of the industry. This job allowed me to develop the ability to support clients in different stages of trip planning in an effective way. Usually, when I am not working, you can find me traveling and meeting new places. My favorite destination so far is The Galapagos Islands.

Doménica García

Destination Expert
I'm driven by curiosity, which has led me to pursue a career in Tourism and Hospitality. I feel incredibly fortunate to live in Ecuador, a country that boasts breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural diversity, and an abundance of unique places to explore. As a Destination Expert, I enjoy collaborating with people worldwide to create unforgettable experiences for those who visit Ecuador. It’s a privilege to share my passion for this amazing country and help others discover all it has to offer.


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Best Places to Visit in South America in 2024  

Is South America on your clients’ travel radar for 2024? The best places to visit in South America are iconic landmarks and hidden gems. This remarkable continent offers endless adventure, exploration, and cultural discovery opportunities.

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