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Why is Colombia captivating new groups of travelers?

Picture this: Shimmering beaches on both the Caribbean and the Pacific sides of the South American continent, gorgeously green hills and mountains rolling across the great expanse of the Andean highlands, and deep wilderness stretching out into the Amazon. Then, top all of these landscapes off with the vibrant and colorful culture, food, and history that locals are never shy to share with those around them. 

It is this quaint yet colorful picture that teases what Colombia is all about. Now, more than ever, this South American country is becoming an enticing destination for new groups of travelers—such as wildlife aficionados, adventurers, and foodies—seeking vibrant culture, natural beauty, exploration, and authentic experiences. Here’s a closer look at several of the most important reasons for why Colombia is captivating new groups of travelers.

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Improved Safety and Security

Not that long ago, it wasn’t uncommon for many to associate Colombia with two very potent things: coffee and drugs. The former remains Colombia’s call to fame, while the latter, thankfully, has been relegated to the history books. This is in large part due to the government’s efforts to combat crime and illegal activities, which have led to increased safety for residents and tourists alike.

Medellin is probably the hallmark of just how radical and noticeable this change is. The city itself was once ravaged by crime, gangs, and drugs during the Escobar-era; but has now managed to make a fascinating comeback as one of the top-tier places to visit and peacefully explore while in Colombia.

It’s worth mentioning, too, that one of Colombia’s more recent slogans for tourism is “the only risk is wanting to stay.” A catchy and amusing line that’s definitely worth using on your own clients, should they be deliberating on going!


Warm and Welcoming People

Sure, the unique and charming cadence of their iconic accent might be enough to delight newcomers like nowhere else in Latin America; but beyond that, Colombians are renowned for the warmth, friendliness, and hospitality which they generously share with friends, family, and visitors.  

Wherever you go throughout Colombia, you’ll find that the majority of the locals are more than willing to help, inform, or simply chat with visitors. They are a supremely personable and energetic people that never fail to express curiosity towards others. But don’t let that give your clients cold feet, should they feel more inclined to take a seat back from socializing! Colombians are also very respectful, cordial, and will rarely ever impose on others, especially if they’re just visiting!

Nevertheless, getting the chance to interact with the locals, if only for a brief moment, is a fantastic selling point to give your clients—let them know that they’ll be able to joyfully immerse themselves in the country’s culture, traditions, and way of life, and create unforgettable memories as a result!


Unique & Affordable Experiences:

Given the grand variety and number of options and places to visit in Colombia, your clients won’t be left empty-handed when having new and exciting ways of experiencing each part of the country. The best part? The abundance of tours available allows for prices to remain competitive while still offering quality experiences and explorations of each different place. Not to mention, Colombia’s peso is lower compared to the US dollar and Euro. So, get ready to offer your clients a wealth of things to do in each locale, whether it be a tour through the lush and aromatic coffee farms up in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle region, salsa dancing lessons in Cartagena, a river expedition throughout the Amazon, or discovering archeological wonders!


Natural Beauty:

Given its unique geographic position in South America, your clients will be surprised and delighted to find that Colombia has an abundance of diverse landscapes and regions to enjoy and constantly be fascinated with. Not to mention, the fact they can easily hop between both the Caribbean and Pacific sides of the continent makes for a terrific way of discovering two different biosphere back-to-back. In addition to that, lush rainforests, an epic Andean mountain range, and wholly-unique ecosystems (like Tayrona National Park and the impressive Cocora Valley) await, all of them tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, birders, and nature lovers.

Tayrona National Park - Colombia

Ecotourism Opportunities:

Colombia hosts close to 10% of the planet’s biodiversity, making it one of the world’s most biodiverse countries per square foot/meter. Consequently, it’s no surprise the country has made it a point to create a wide range of protected areas and national parks that invite visitors to come and witness their splendor while underlining the importance of being eco-conscious. The Amazon rainforest, the Pacific Coast, and the Macarena are just a few examples. Your clients will have added peace of mind knowing that their exploration of each of these places, when done so with a reputable company such as Metropolitan Touring, will actually help contribute to the conservation of Colombia’s natural treasures.


Emerging Culinary Scene:

Your clients will be delighted to know that their palate will be left relishing and even desiring more of what they get the chance to taste in Colombia. The country is known for the regional variety of its food, given different areas of the country offer their own unique set of dishes comprised of their own local ingredients. From traditional delicious dishes like arepas and bandeja paisa to gourmet cuisine in upscale restaurants, Colombia’s culinary fare would always seem to be infused with equal parts passion, love, and creativity; creating flavors that will burst across your client’s palate in unforgettable fashion from the very first bite.

Rich Cultural Heritage:

And sure, while there is plenty to see, do, and taste in Colombia; there’s also still so much to learn. There’s a gorgeous and vibrant blend of indigenous, African, and Spanish influences to be found in the country, manifested through its diverse displays of music, literature, art, colorful festivals, traditional crafts, and dance. Mentioning these characteristic features of the country is a great way to entice your clients to visit Colombia and witness the magical spirit of the country in popular spots such as Cartagena, Bogota, and Medellin.

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